Guitars & stompboxes


Les Paul Mahogany

A Les Paul made out of wood originating from an old church bench. It's a special one to me as it's one of the first guitars I built.

Body Mahogany Neck Maple Top Mahogony Fretboard Rosewood Pickups Gibson 59' Tuners Gotoh Status Sold

Telecaster maple top

Telecaster with mape top and Widerange humbuckers. Truly distinguished sound with the fender widerange humbuckers. Known from Fender '72 thinline telecasters and Fender starcasters.

Body Ash Neck Mahogany & Maple Top Flamed Maple Fretboard Ebony Pickups Fender widerange Tuners Gotoh Status Sold

Spalted es 335

Beautiful Spalted maple top if i may say so myself. i really love the es 335 model and therefor i made this for myself. My main guitar with Seymour Duncan 59 bridge pickup and an old widerange humbucker from what was said an ibanez telecaster. Because i never use the tone pot i left it out. Keeps life simple.

Body Walnut Neck Flamed Maple Top Spalted Maple Fretboard Ebony Pickups Seymour duncan 59' Tuners Gotoh Status Sold

Blue Flamed maple Es 335

A Flamed Maple top with Limba body and Seymour Duncan '59 Pickups Es 335. Limba is known to be a bit like Mahogany but with more mid response, the wood is very light and easy to process. The Seymour Duncan '59 is one of my favorite humbucker pickups. They sound raw and are nice for rock music.

Body Limba Neck Flamed Maple Top Flamed Maple Fretboard Ebony Pickups Seymour Duncan '59 Tuners Grover Status Sold

Semi-acoustic Fretless Nylon string

Built on special order for a friend. A semi-acoustic fretless nylon string guitar. Produces warm and smooth tones, and is fun to play.

Body Iroko Neck Maple Top Spruce Fretboard Ebony Pickups Piezo Tuners Gotoh Status Sold

Telecaster Maple

Telecaster with Fender Wide Range Humbucker pickups. Fender introduced this pickup to try and break its image as a single coil guitar company, and to gain a foothold in the humbucker guitar market dominated by Gibson. Soundwise, the pickups are right in between humbuckers and single coils: they are super warm sounding with just enough edginess.

Body Maple Neck Maple Top - Fretboard Rosewood Pickups Fender widerange Tuners Gotoh Status Sold

Plane Les paul

Plane Les Paul with gibson '57 bridge pickup and Gfs p90 neck Pickup. While i was browsing in the timber store i stumbled uppon a piece of plane tree and i thought i'd give it a try. Happily surprised i made a top for a les paul of it. The body and neck are mahogany and to headstock of the guitar is a little piece of redwood i had left of the Redwood Les Paul build. The fretboard is a piece of Rosewood with a sap part on the side. The gfs pickup had a nice warm tone to it and i combination with the '57 Gibson pickup it has become a very versatile guitar.

Body Mahogany Neck Mahogany Top Plane Fretboard Rosewood Pickups Gfs p90 & Gibson '57 Tuners Gotoh Status Sold

Redwood Les Paul

Redwood les paul with Slash signature pickups. I Finished this guitar but did not build the body. Due to circumstances i had the honor to build the neck and finish the rest of the guitar. Redwood is known from the huge seqoia trees in America which are now hardy to not being cut anymore due to protection of the trees that stand in preservations. I am proud that i had the honor to finish this guitar and to this day it is rocking big time.

Body Mahogony Neck Rosewood Top Redwood Fretboard Rosewood Pickups Slash signature Tuners Gotoh Status Sold Type Fuzz

Mixed woods SG

SG build from mahogany, ash and maple. With wood that i had lying around left over from earlier guitars, i build this SG. It has actually exceeded my expextations and it turned out a nice guitar. Not wanting to spend to much money on the pickups, i bought some chinese high output pickups for the SG. I was happily surprised by the sound/price ratio. Although they don't really have a soul and get muddy when overdriven to much, they sound okay for the 20€ i paid for the set. I wouldn't recommend them if you are playing serious but for home practise they are quitte okay. Since the guitar is for sale, better pickups can always be installed.

Body Mahogany Neck Maple & Mahogany Top Ash, Maple & Mahogany Fretboard Rosewood Pickups Brandless high output pickups Tuners Gotoh Status For sale

Spalted Es 175

Spalted Maple Es 175 with Black Dog Bareknuckle Pickups. I made this for the drummer of my band, and it helps a lot since he writes half of our songs. He wanted special pickups that would rock hard and have that heavy old school tone. After some research i put in these Bareknuckle pickups. They are a bit expensive but it is really worth the money!

Body Walnut Neck Flamed Maple Top Spalted Maple Fretboard Ebony Pickups Bareknuckle Black dog Tuners Gotoh Status Sold

Flamed maple Stratocaster

Flamed maple Stratocaster with Fender Texmex pickups. The owner wanted a true blues guitar with nice wood instead of a burst or a full color body, so we agreed on flamed maple as top. Turned out real nice and sounds as a true blues rock machine!

Body Ash Neck Flamed Maple Top Flamed Maple Fretboard Ebony Pickups Fender Texmex Tuners Gotoh Status Sold