Burningfrog is an independent company that has been creating handmade guitars and stompboxes since 2013.

It all started with the stompboxes.

Frustrated over not being able to produce the sound I wanted, I decided to try and build my own stompbox from scratch. I bought a book called electronics for dummies, studied several amp schematics, gathered some tools and on I went.

Now, several years later, I design, build, and adjust my own stompboxes to create the sound that I like. It has truly helped me to define my own sound and understand the possibilities in the setup of a guitarist. From the guitar itself, to pedals and amp, the path in its whole is important to the process of crafting the sound one desires.

After the stompboxes came the guitars.

After owning several guitars and not being able to afford an expensive one, I visited a great guitar builder to catch up over some coffee and check out his guitars. It truly inspired me and, being curious as I am, I tried to build a guitar out of scrap parts and wood I bought at my local home depot. It turned out to be a terrible guitar because of my lack of knowledge in how to actually build one. I soon found out that using a jigsaw and a power drill just wouldn’t do the job. Finally, after spending a couple of expensive guitars worth on tools and learning from several great guitar builders, I am now building custom guitars and other preferable weird projects to push my limits.

If you have a great idea for (or want an authentic replica of) a guitar or stompbox, feel free to contact me anytime.